About The Ubuntu Book

If you are new to the UBUNTU Movement, it is recommended that you read the book. It is filled with critical knowledge about many diverse aspects of our reality. It will give you a deeper insight into the world around us, the true origins of money and how we are kept in a state of perpetual slavery by the system that has been impose on all of us – rich or poor.

Then look at the simple solutions that have evolved as the Contributionism philosophy has evolved since 2005, and then share your knowledge with everyone – once you have a deeper grasp of the simplicity of our plan and the volume of research behind it. Go out and tell everyone about the UBUNTU Movement and our simple plan of action.

Ubuntu Planet is a global movement to liberate humanity from the financial money-slavery system AND the societal practice of scarcity - to transform our living experience to reflect the reality of our planet: Abundance & Prosperity for all - through Cooperation and Collaboration.

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"This website is the OFFICIAL website for the Ubuntu Liberation Movement, as catalyzed by me, Michael Tellinger."