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Ubuntu Contributionism asks a fundamental question: 

Why are we the only species who pays to live on Earth?

the organization 


is also known as the


+ UBUNTU Contributionism 
+ The UBUNTU Contribution System


Allow us to be very clear: Ubuntu is not a mandate, it does not happen by force, it is not a centralized control mechanism at all. There is no ONE leader, no hierarchy, no outside forces telling you what to do in your community. No one will ever ask you to change who you are, to do anything against your will, nor will anyone ever violate your inherent freedom. 

Ubuntu Contributionism is a set of TOOLS and IDEAS for YOU to employ in your community in a way that honors the SOVEREIGNTY of every individual, respects the sacred and ABUNDANT blessings of our Mother Earth, and cherishes the inherent GENIUS within every Being ready to be released in a way that serves to maximize quality of life for ALL. 

YOU decide how this works for your community. WE as an organization are here to consult, advise and recommend a set of solutions and mindset shifts that are certain to work in liberating your community from the enslavement of the money system. We have access to technology, resources, and a global network of geniuses ready to aid you in your success. 

Please READ the book Ubuntu Contributionism by Michael Tellinger, WATCH the many videos on the subject, including the two-season series on and the boundless Youtube content. EDUCATE yourself on the matter, and learn how to frame the context of the philosophy to meet the immediate and long term needs of your local community. Every town/city will be completely unique in terms of what may be needed, what they ket focus will be, and who is needed to accomplish the ultimate goal. 

Our objective is purely to INSPIRE you to think differently about what our society can BE. Imagine a world where EVERYONE is FREE to live life the way they want, where we work together in HARMONY, in COOPERATION with nature, where we all experience absolute abundance as the baseline, the starting point, of our lives. A society that CHOOSES to provide the maximum quality of life for everyone, simply because WE CAN. Thus, when a wage is no longer needed to pay for the basic amenities of life (water, food, housing, electricity, transportation, education, healthcare) because these things are EARNED through an efficient, simple, and streamlined system of SHARED ACCOUNTABILITY, wherein INNOVATION and automation give us more free time to invest in ourselves, then HUMANITY will reach a new place of accelerated expansion as a high consciousness species, where LOVE becomes the norm, RESPECT exists as the standard, JUSTICE and PEACE hold genuinely true as the universal lived experience. 

Be patient with yourself and TRUST your INTUITION. This world is possible. It begins with your BELIEF in an ancient and powerful truth awakening inside you. And it manifests as reality when you exercise your COURAGE and take ACTION. 

Ubuntu Contributionism is a Guideline for YOU to customize.

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