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One very common misconception ​about the Ubuntu Liberation Movement is that we are attempting to force 'a world without money'. Such notion is misguided and contrary to our objective of creating a world of PROSPERITY & ABUNDANCE FOR ALL.


The reason is because we must not resist the energy of money, we must embrace it and use it to increase abundance, most crucially in this initial period of time wherein we lay the groundwork for future generations to inherit a powerful position on which to build. 

Yes, money (currency) is currently being manipulated as a tool to confuse the human mind into scarcity, resulting in scarcity-driven behaviors. However, in this movement, WE USE THE TOOLS OF ENSLAVEMENT AS TOOLS OF LIBERATION. 

Therefore, it is incumbent upon us to work with the energy of money and become aligned with GREAT ABUNDANCE. This subscription model is based on the fundamental framework of abundance-sharing, and is an energetic network of generosity and support amongst those who believe in creating paradise for all. 

When you become a subscribing member by making a financial contribution every month, you are declaring your commitment to actualizing Ubuntu in the world. You are claiming to yourself that you have more than enough, so much so that you can give, and that in and of itself manifests more abundance to you. 

Your monthly contribution will serve a vital role in growing the movement, as there are specific hard costs involved in sharing a message throughout the 21st century paradigm:

+ Maintaining administrative costs for website and communications

+ Producing and Distributing content that educates people about Ubuntu

+ Investing in new technology fundamental to the transition 

+ Training leaders across the world to take action in their communities

Each member level contains a specific benefit that honors your commitment with both incentives, offers, and opportunities to generate more abundance. 

More broadly speaking, when you are sharing this message of truth and power in communities around the world, rather than saying 
"we're building a world without money" it would be far more potent, grounded and accurate for a person to hear you say "we're building a society where everyone is a millionaire and no one has to pay any bills." 

At the core of the One Small Town strategy is to accomplish this very goal. To become the smartest and most effective town for achieving the highest quality of life possible, while eliminating the need for financial costs as a barrier to abundance. In our community, we utilize abundance-creation cooperative systems to liberate our financial burdens, and move into the realm of wherein every person has access to the time, resources, and support to pursue their highest good. 

So, become a committed member NOW. Contribute financially each month and join with us in our embrace of ABUNDANCE. 

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Ubuntu Planet is a global movement to liberate humanity from the financial money-slavery system AND the societal practice of scarcity - to transform our living experience to reflect the reality of our planet: Abundance & Prosperity for all - through Cooperation and Collaboration.

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