Frequently asked questions

If everything is FREE, I want 10 mansions and 50 Ferraris.

There is no land ownership in UBUNTU communities. Everyone is allocated land by the community and Council of Elders based on their needs and what they do for the community. Material possessions do not exist because everything is available to everyone at all times. Big mansions and expensive cars, like Ferraris, are a side-effect of capitalism , only afforded by those with money, mostly to show off their material wealth separating them from those who cannot afford it. These are status symbols, but in a society of abundance this type of excess will no longer be respected or be a driving motivation. Making cars will become an art form – not a necessity for transport. The community and Council of Elders will play a key role in this, allowing the minority principle to apply, providing for the needs of all minorities as long as it does not infringe on the rights of others or the community as a whole

Why should I give up all the things I worked so hard for in my life?

You will not have to give up anything, in fact you will gain everything you ever dreamed of. You will have access to infinitely more things than you can even imagine at this present time. You will most likely feel relief that you can finally let go of all the junk you have been hoarding, knowing that you can go get, or simply order, whatever you need to your exact specifications.

Why should I give you something if you have nothing to give me in return?

Remember that everything is in it for you – unlike the current system where you give all your time and energy to fuel the system, just like the human battery explained by Morpheus in the movie, The Matrix. You will not be doing anything for nothing and neither will anyone else, everyone will have everything they need all the time. You will have access to a sea of talents, skills, goods, products and anything else you can conjure up in your mind. A world where you give your energy & talent to supporting & advancing your own community and in return your community gives their time & talents to supporting & advancing you.

Is this another form of communism?

No! – Very definitely not. Classic communism is just another shortcut to absolute power, while with capitalism it takes a little longer for people to realize that they are under the complete control of their government and the corporations who have bought up everything. Just like capitalism, communism is still a centralized system that requires a corporate representative called a government. Money is not part of the UBUNTU system, therefore people cannot be corrupted, bribed or paid to do something unsavory.

Does this mean we go back to the dark ages and living in caves?

No – we will not be going back to the dark ages. When we have freed up our scientists and inventors to create free energy and new technologies so advanced that we cannot begin to contemplate them in our current money driven society we will be living in a utopian, progressive world. There is more than enough land for all the people of the world, and when the hurdles to progress have finally been lifted we will see our knowledge and technology take quantum leaps forward. Yet we will be firmly placed on our beautiful planet Earth, living in harmony with nature, with all our needs provided for, because we understand so much more and realize that we do not need flashy cars and diamonds to impress our neighbors.

Is this a free-for-all and lawless society where everyone can do anything they want?

No – In the past our laws have been enforced on the people by the governments. All existing laws will be removed because they have been created over thousands of years of control to protect the system and those who control the money. New laws and guidelines will be written for the people, by the people, based on the basic foundation of common law. Do not harm, do not steal, do not cheat. Every community will develop its own new set of laws based on the needs of those in each community.

Why would I want to slave away all day for free?

Our current existence is already one of slavery where many people need more than one job just to survive. With the utopian lives that we will experience in UBUNTU Contributionist communities, nobody will ever slave away again. Everybody does what they choose to do for their community because they love doing it and they are good at it. The point is, you won’t have to slave away any more chasing money for 8-12 hours a day, working for corporations that are exploiting you for their own profit. Everyone will only have to do their LOL (Labor Of Love) for 3 hours per day, after which you have another 18 hours to do what you want – without restriction or any cost to you. Nobody will ever have to slave away again because we will no longer chase money. All our efforts will contribute to providing abundance on all levels for everyone. That is why we each only need to contribute 3 hours per day performing our labors of Love. The number of hours we will have to contribute daily is just a guideline and will most likely change, based on the needs of the community.

How are we going to get electrcity?

It should be noted that as much as 60% of all energy is lost in transportation from the power plant to the household. It is therefore obvious that all energy generation should be done locally by every community. This will vary based on the location. We will use whatever means we can while we continue to develop solutions being brought to the forefront of emerging technologies, such as solar, wind and magnetic fuel-less energy production. New and free energy will give rise to many new aspects of our lives that we cannot even imagine whilst still trapped in an unsustainable energy grid that is controlled by coal, oil and greed.

What will happen with education?

We will have a completely fresh approach to education which has been outlined in detail under the education section of the Contributionism book. In UBUNTU communities the children are cared for by the entire community as much as they are cared for by their parents. They face no danger and have freedom to roam, to play and to explore. Our day-care and learning centers will be the incubators for open minds of the future, laying the foundation of true knowledge, rather than regurgitating information from a book during an exam. Children will learn basic life skills from the earliest age, and be encouraged to express their natural talents and creativity, developing their skills in as many areas as they want without restriction. They will learn from master teachers that have been appointed by the community for their knowledge, skills and ability. The children themselves will also learn by teaching each other, just like they have been doing in martial arts schools for thousands of years.

Why don't we just focus on improving the current economy and alleviate poverty so that everyone has a job and access to sufficient food and other things?

Economy is a philosophy created under capitalism, it suggests that there is scarcity of stuff and that we have to economize and be economic in the things we do. It makes some things more valuable than others and drives financial markets. Economy is a word that will no longer exist in UBUNTU communities and there can be no poverty because there will be no money. Everyone has everything they need, everyone has a beautiful home of their own design, and everyone does what they are passionate about and good at. So people wake up with a smile on their face, looking forward to the day as opposed to being grumpy while looking for every excuse not to have to go to a lousy job that they hate. A ‘job’ is just a fancy word for doing something for money – which means slavery. We will not have to worry about improving the ‘economy’ or ‘alleviating poverty’ or providing food, as it is all well provided for by the united community that provides abundance to all.

If everything is free, can I just go to your house and take anything I want?

No – why would you want to go to my house and take from me, when you can get whatever you want from the market, or manufacturers of the products, just as I did? This is why crime and theft of this nature will virtually disappear overnight. In a community where everyone knows everyone, and knows where they live and what they do, it would be very silly to take something from someone because everyone will know about your deed immediately. Such activity will be dealt with under the laws of the community, guided by the Council of Elders. People who continuously disrupt the peace in their town will most likely be asked to leave. The proactive solution is simply, ask if you can have or borrow something if it’s not convenient at that moment for you to procure it yourself.

What happens to laws, police, and security forces?

Defense forces and other such instruments of capitalist government corporations will dissolve and morph into valuable support groups for the community; providing support through a variety of emergency services, in case of fire, flood, earthquake, tornados, hurricanes and other unpredictable disasters, providing critical skills in times of need to their community. Local Peace officers are there to serve the people of the community as opposed to imposing draconian laws of the government on its own people. They will have access to the most advanced tools, technology and weaponry to be able to defend the community against any unexpected provocation by outsiders, but the free sharing of technology and weaponry will prevent unnecessary provocation between communities since they know that everyone has unlimited scientific capability to defend themselves and inflict severe damage on the aggressor in the process.

What about those whose education and skills are higher than those of others? Is their time not valuable?

Education will change completely. There are as many diverse talents and skills as there are people, but there is no hierarchy of talents in UBUNTU communities because everyone’s contribution is seen to be equally valuable as everyone else’s. People do not get paid for their skills, they contribute them to the community for everyone to benefit from and in return the community honors and respects each other for their contributions. That is what makes the system function smoothly, it’s a self-correcting system that cannot be abused or corrupted by greed.

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