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"A World Liberated From Money Is Possible By Spending Money On Liberation"

Please donate anything you are able to. During this time of great transition, money (the tool of enslavement) will become our tool of liberation. By investing our resources on transitional activities, building foundations, and knowledge sharing, we are working toward a world that is liberated from the scarcity-driven mindset and behaviors that have cause every major problem on this planet. We must utilize money to build systems that are based in Abundance mindset and behaviors, so we can break this generational curse and create a new paradigm for ourselves and the future of humanity. 

When you donate, your money will be spent as follows:

+ Maintaining administrative costs for website and communications

+ Producing and Distributing content that educates people about Ubuntu

+ Investing in new technology that is fundamental to the transition 

+ Training leaders across the world to take action in their communities

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