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10. Transformation to UBUNTU

Transformation to the UBUNTU CONTRIBUTION SYSTEM or the UBUNTU way of life, cannot happen in one step. It can only be introduced in a number of phases or small steps to allow people to acclimatise to the brand new way of life and the freedom that comes with implementing the new structures.

These will be highly liberating and exciting times with limitless possibilities for everyone.

The first phase will be to make as many of our small towns completely self sufficient and sustainable, without any interference from a central government body. This will be in the areas of food, water, energy and housing. All the other structures of society will follow smoothly once these are in place.

The second phase will be the slow and steady decentralisation of the urban metropolitan jungles that have evolved as a result of the chase for money and industrialisation - which was driven by those who supply money and own the giant industrial machines.

The repopulation of the many smaller towns and villages across every country will be the first objective.

Strong rural and farming communities with a growing level of abundance will provide the platform for all future steps. Farmers will be the heroes of the land and will receive all the necessary support they need in all spheres of growing food and agriculture and providing future food security.

This "boosting" of these communities will be accompanied by the first wave of freedoms previously denied. Wherever there is a stream or a river, people can have free electricity - this is just one simple example - and it does not take rocket science to figure this out. Many people are aware of new alternative electricity systems - these will become available as the invnetors lose the fear and share their creations with the people.

Remember that the solutions to all our problems are simple, and our scientists, engineers, farmers and other ordinary people know exactly what needs to be done to solve all the so-called problems we have. But somehow our leaders and government are incapable of doing so.

The government is NOT your friend - they do NOT want you to have what you deserve as a human being - they want you to remain a slave to the system, working all your life to pay back debts that were unlawfully imposed on us. Remember that the governments are not the highest authority in the country - the central banks always control the governments and also the corporations that keep the political puppets in power.

The ONE SMALL TOWN plan of action provides a simple way out of this mess, by creating an unstoppable domino effect that no government will be able to stop - as people take back the control and rapidly turn their towns into places of abundance and prosperity. Once we reach this stage nobody will ever want to go back to the socio-economic system we have to day.

In unity & resonance
Michael Tellinger

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