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9. Laws of Nature & the UBUNTU Spirit

In many ways our UBUNTU philosophy is loosely based on the ancient tribal structures of the African people and other native tribes of the world - the people who lived in close harmony with mother Earth and the nature around them.

It is fascinating to observe that the frontiers of science are rapidly moving towards biomimicry - in other words copying nature to perform advanced technological functions. It is therefore important to realise that all of nature around us, is actually advanced technology at work - all the time. From the mystery of water to photosynthesis, to transmutation of trees to petrified stone and crystal, and so much more. 

But somehow we have been separated from nature. Believing that we are not part of this great creation. Our society has been divided and separated on so many levels that we hardly understand the word unity any more. The UBUNTU way of life will allow people to reconstitute a unified society consisting of smaller harmonious communities that truly embrace living in harmony with each other and with nature.

As these united towns begin to mushroom, the large cities will no longer attract people in the hope of finding a job to survive, because the small town will provide work and exciting opportunities for every single one of us.

The UBUNTU way of life will restore this harmonious balance between the people and the Earth providing abundance for all, because it creates an environment which allows everyone to contribute their natural talents and acquired skills to the greater benefit of all in the community.

This applies to all areas of our society; science, technology, agriculture, manufacture, health, education, housing, and all other areas not financially viable under the present economic system.

Do not think for one second that it means "going back to the stone age" as some people may think when they first encounter this simple way of life. It actually means the opposite - because there are no hurdles to progress, or restrictions to our creative spirit in UBUNTU communities. We will go to the stars and beyond.  But unless we align ourselves with these principles, we will always be at odds with nature and mother Earth.

In unity & resonance
Michael Tellinger

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