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8. Needs of Society

What do we need as individuals and communities?

The answer has been the same for thousands of years. Water, food, love, shelter, health, education, arts, culture, science, technology, energy, clothing, tables, chairs, books, boots, hats, and much of all the other stuff we have today.

We do NOT need money.

Money has been created as tool of enslavement to control the availability of all these things, creating a world of scarcity so that there can be a constant demand for products and services. Linked to a hierarchical pyramid, there is never enough money in the hands of ordinary people to obtain what they need to survive.

Remember that money does nothing - people do everything. People plant the seeds, grow the food, build the bridges, solve mathematical problems, talk to each other, create the works of art and love each other.

Money does nothing, but create division among people on all levels. So the answers to our problems are obvious. Remove money from society - create a new social structure in which money is no longer necessary.

This is not a crazy dream - the UBUNTU plan of action provides the simple steps we need to take to achieve this. Please find out as much as you can so that you know in your heart that this is possible - and even more... we are already doing it.

In unity & resonance
Michael Tellinger

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