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13. Frequently Asked Questions

Michael Tellinger Answers Questions
About Contributionism and ONE SMALL TOWN

In case you have not discovered the FAQ section on our website, below are the links to TWO introduction videos and the first three frequently asked questions, dissected to the best of my ability. Please check the website's FAQ section for updates regularly. I intend to add new videos every few days. This will create a growing library of many pressing questions - providing plausible solutions to a world gone crazy.


Humanity has been plunged into a desperate situation by the global elite. The pandemic / plandemic has been used as a stage to attack our liberties, freedoms, and sovereignty across the world. It is clear to many that there is a hidden dark agenda by the elite, so horrific, that most people would simply not believe it. Our freedom is under greater threat today, than ever before.


Tell everyone about  the ONE SMALL TOWN plan. It is the only viable solution to get us out of this global mess - without any violence, opposition or conflict. If we don't act now, we may wake up tomorrow with all our rights, liberties and freedoms gone - Living in a totalitarian state, controlled by a global government - enslaved on every level imaginable.

ONE SMALL TOWN - Will change the world.

Please sign up to a small monthly contribution to support the UBUNTU office and our ongoing cost to keep things going.
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