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12. Manifesting our own reality

More than 100 years ago the leading scientist showed the world that we are the creators of our own reality, and that our thoughts and action create the reality around us. For some of us this remains a little strange and most people don't give it much attention. This is where we all become our own worst enemies.

So many of us live in misery and under constant stress and pressure from all areas. Our lives are dominated by the media that keep filling us with negative images, death, violence, destruction, separation and a stream of never-ending assaults on our consciousness.  Our reality is mostly consumed by all this dark negative energy and in a strange twist of events - we become the ones that perpetuate this reality because it consumes our lives and it has been inserted into our subconscious mind.

We have to stop this cycle and fill our hearts and minds with love for the world, all of humanity and positive images of a beautiful world full of abundance and prosperity for all - the kind of world that most of us have imagined most of our lives. These thoughts are powerful frequencies that filter into the fabric of what makes up our reality and activate this field with these positive energies. And very soon we become the makers of our own reality by simply projecting it with our minds.

The UBUNTU Movement presents a simple plan to create such a world of abundance and allow us to imagine, dream and visualise this beautiful world. So - tell everyone you meet about UBUNTU and our simple plan for a world free from economic slavery and let us create a critical mass of bright, happy people that manifest this reality for ourselves.


In unity & resonance

Michael Tellinger
Living breathing human being – not a legal fiction, straw man, person or citizen.

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