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11. Labour of Love

The word “free” is going to become meaningless in a world without money. The emphasis here is on the word “free”, as related to FREEDOM.

There will be a rapid movement to allow every small town and community to become independent and self sufficient in four areas of basic needs. ELECTRICITY; WATER; HOUSING; FOOD. Many new projects will start because of the large community labour force of people who all contribute 3 hours per week.

Work is not going to exist in the way we work today - where most people hate their jobs, but they have to do it because they have to survive and earn "money" to do so. In the UBUNTU communities people will have the freedom to do what they are good at, their passions and talents will be utilised for the benefit of the community and they will be honoured for their contributions by the community. So people will not have jobs, but rather have a LABOUR OF LOVE - LOL.

Everything we do for ourselves will be free to all those who participate in the community projects.

Every effort will be made to move away from the centralised electricity grids and establish a source of new and clean energy for every town. Wherever there is flowing water we have a stream of energy. Wherever the sun shines we have energy. Remember that there are other sources of free and renewable energy that we do not even know about, which are being hidden and suppressed by our governments, and the oil and energy corporations with a vested interest in keeping the petroleum industry alive.

We will invite the inventors to come to our town and share their inventions with us - instead of persecuting them and threatening their lives. Most of us are aware of the many inventors that have given the world the gift of free energy for all - only to be killed or silenced and removed from public knowledge. This will no longer be the case in our new UBUNTU communities.

The number of activities will grow exponentially in our towns as people initiate new projects that would be financially not viable in the current system. But in our Contributionist communities we will be able to do anything we choose - because whatever it is we do, will not only benefit those who do it, but the entire community. Everyone will have their own Labor of Love - to look forward to every day.

In unity & resonance
Michael Tellinger

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