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1. Welcome to UBUNTU

Thank you for joining the UBUNTU Movement and sharing our vision of a beautiful future for all. 

What is Ubuntu?

Ubuntu (Zulu/Xhosa pronunciation: [ùɓúntʼú]; is an African philosophy of "unity within community" where people care for each other and support each other in every way. Where everyone contributes their skills to benefit everyone else in the community. We believe that - If it's not good for everyone, it's no good at all - as is also the philosophy of the Cherokee people and many other ancient cultures.

Our objective is firstly to educate and inform people about MONEY - which has become the primary tool of enslavement for the global elite. To grasp this fully I suggest that you read the 
UBUNTU Contributionism book - it goes into detail about the true origins of money, which is very different from what we are taught at school. Get it HERE

Our vision is all about our growth as a species, integrity, honour, enlightenment, human consciousness, our energetic connectedness, and the individual roles we play in spreading this consciousness to every human being around the world.

The UBUNTU movement is a liberation movement of unity consciousness, that promotes the creation of a NEW socio-economic structure - a world of abundance and prosperity for all - without any violence, opposition, or conflict. A world in which money will no longer be needed - as we turn from competition, to cooperation and collaboration on all levels. This may sound like a Utopian idea to some, but we have walked a long path, and learnt a lot since 2005, when this idea of a world without money first arose.

Since then we tried all kinds of things, and initiated many different actions. This included, legal action against banks in the Supreme Court, Constitutional court, marches against banks, and even getting involved in politics and the launching of UBUNTU political parties in South Africa, UK and Canada - and almost in Australia, USA and about 55 other countries.

We believed that we could inject a seed of consciousness into the political beast. After 3 elections in South Africa, UK and even Australia, we realised that the political arena is completely corrupt, and controlled by those who control the creation of money. And as long as we pursue politics, we are in essence involved in a struggle of confrontation, competition for votes, and opposition to other parties. There had to be a better way to achieve our objectives that did not involve this old paradigm thinking.

The birth of ONE SMALL TOWN - Can  Change The World.


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It was then that I realised that we had the USE THE TOOLS OF ENSLAVEMENT AS TOOLS OF LIBERATION. Do not resist, do not oppose - use the energy thrown at us to oppress and enslave humanity - take this energy and use it for the benefit of humanity, like in martial arts. And everything became very clear. These tools of enslavement have been masterfully woven into almost all aspects of our world today - starting with money, legal systems, political system, education, religion, and so on.

We also realised that we cannot achieve this on a national scale, or in big cities. It would be much easier to share this philosophy with people in small towns, where people live in close communities and everyone knows everyone. We don't need to build new intentional communities... we take existing communities and make them intentional. 

The most important thing you can do from today, is to tell everyone about the UBUNTU Movement and our simple plan to free us all from this money slavery system. Read the UBUNTU book so that you get a solid foundation of knowledge about the movement, the banking industry, government structures, origins of money and how this has been used as a tool of control over humanity for millennia.

Learn about our 
ONE SMALL TOWN - Can Change The World - plan of action  - See Calling All Mayors of the World HERE so you can speak about it with confidence. Read the MANIFESTO and LETTER TO THE MAYOR. Become a seed of consciousness in your area - start a meet-up group - share your knowledge. If you get just one person to join us every month, we will double our numbers every month and have hundreds of millions sharing our vision in no time at all.

Remember that we are the ones we have been waiting for - it is up to us to make this happen. This is going to be an exciting journey of change and we should all collectively visualise our rapid growth to fill the hearts and minds of people everywhere with this new vision of a united world, devoid of financial tyranny and economic slavery. A new world of unity, prosperity and abundance on all levels of our lives.

Funding our activity remains and ongoing challenge - So please make a donation to the UBUNTU office so that we have ongoing funds to continue our work in spreading the message. 
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