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The kind of world most of us have dreamed of all our lives is possible... and we are creating it for ourselves NOW – not somewhere in the distant future, but here in our own lifetime.

An African philosophy with profound modern relevance; A way of life to cherish and inspire us all.

Learn how you can transform your town and community into place of abundance and prosperity for all.

Make a difference today by contributing,

and spreading the message of unity and abundance. 

Discover the offerings available to you as gifts, education, and marketing tools. 

Using the tools of enslavement as tools of Liberation

Without any Violence, Opposition or Conflict.

We are the creators of our own reality – We are divine powerful beings with infinite creative powers. But it requires the energy of action to create that reality. So, let us act now – do something today, that will initiate that beautiful future for you and your loved ones and all of humanity – Do not sit on the fence and wait for someone else to do something. Read this website – Inform yourself – And take action.

Be the seed of consciousness in your community.

Since 2005, the UBUNTU Movement has grown to over 140 countries, and matured into a movement that unites people from all walks of life into higher levels of consciousness and a simple plan of action to create a world of abundance & prosperity for all – across all borders and cultures. A world that can never fall back into the mess we find ourselves in today. Our system is called CONTRIBUTIONISM – where everyone contributes their talents and skills for the benefit of all in their community.

No-one homeless; No-one hungry – Everyone cherished for their talents and contributions.

We call it “ONE SMALL TOWN – Will Change The World”

Key ONE SMALL TOWN Documents to Download:

Learn how you can transform your town and community into place of abundance and prosperity for all:
Here are some recommended ways YOU can take Action:
  1. Join Our Member Mailing List - sign up and then make a monthly contribution if you can

  2. Read the UBUNTU book - download the E-book HERE or get the physical book HERE.

  3. Make an Investment in our Technology Company -- contact Travis ubuntutransit@gmail.com for opportunity

  4. Read the website & Watch the VIDEOS

  5. Start a Meet-up Group in your town or city suburb

  6. Make sure everyone reads the book and all other materials available.

  7. Read the ONE SMALL TOWN manifesto


  9. Read implementation bullet points

  10. Discuss One Small Town Questions in meet-up group

  11. Deliver the Proposal & Letter to Mayor

  12. If the Mayor or Council of your town wants to go ahead - CONTACT Michael Tellinger on contact@ubuntuplanet.org  AND Travis Duncan ubuntutransit@gmail.com

  13. If Mayor is not interested - choose the most suitable person in your group to RUN FOR MAYOR - and contact both Michael and Travis.

Ubuntu Planet is a global movement to liberate humanity from the financial money-slavery system AND the societal practice of scarcity - to transform our living experience to reflect the reality of our planet: Abundance & Prosperity for all - through Cooperation and Collaboration.

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"This website is the OFFICIAL website for the Ubuntu Liberation Movement, as catalyzed by me, Michael Tellinger."