Here are some recommended ways YOU can take Action:
  1. Join Our Member Mailing List - sign up and then make a monthly contribution if you can

  2. Read the UBUNTU book - download the E-book HERE or get the physical book HERE.

  3. Read the website

  4. Watch the VIDEOS

  5. Start a Meet-up Group in your town or city suburb

  6. Make sure everyone reads the book and all other materials available.

  7. Read the ONE SMALL TOWN manifesto


  9. Read implementation bullet points

  10. Discuss letter to the MAYOR and implementation in meetup group

  11. Deliver the LETTER to Mayor

  12. If the Mayor or Council of your town wants to go ahead - CONTACT Michael Tellinger on  AND Travis Duncan on 

  13. If Mayor is not interested - choose the most suitable person in your group to RUN FOR MAYOR - and contact both Michael and Travis.

Ubuntu Planet is a global movement to liberate humanity from the financial money-slavery system AND the societal practice of scarcity - to transform our living experience to reflect the reality of our planet: Abundance & Prosperity for all - through Cooperation and Collaboration.

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"This website is the OFFICIAL website for the Ubuntu Liberation Movement, as catalyzed by me, Michael Tellinger."